Ogden City Councilman
Ward 3
2018 - 2022
Endorsment and Donations to Re-Elect Doug Stephens to Ogden City Council.
Primary Election
August 15th, 2017

General Election
November 7th, 2017
Ogden City 24th of July Parade Chairman
2004 - 2011

I am Doug Stephens, I am currently your Ogden city councilman for municipal ward 3. Ogden is a great place to live, and excellent place to start a business, and have a high quality lifestyle.

I have a proactive plan and a vision for the present and the future of the advancement of Ogden. I have worked for the past few years with my fellow councilmen on improving the quality of our downtown. I have been involved in varios projects including the Ogden riverwalk project, the riverbend development, and I am actively working on Ogden east bench project. We need to continue with economic development and opportunities for our great city.

With my leadership and experience, I will work hard to provide quality service to our citizens. I am working and will continue to work joinly with the Ogden school district to have the best education possible and to protect and enhance our parks and the environment. I will work with Weber State University, McKay Dee Hospital and the citizens of Ogden to develop a transportation plan that will benefit us all. With your help and your vote we can obtain these objectives and continue to be successful, and we will continue to see the growth and opportunities in the city of Ogden.

My priorities are the protection of the environment and development of the parks and clean air. Business both large and small are necessary for our continued economic growth and opportunities.

The quality of our neighborhoods and the protection of our community is essential for us to continue with the growth and progress or Ogden.

My Qualifications
  • Lifelong Resident of Ogden

  • Currently Serving on the Ogden City Council for Municipal Ward 3

  • Currently Serving on the Public Safety Committee

  • Currently Serving on the Collage Town Steering Committee

  • Currently Serving on the Healthy Life Committee

  • Currently Serving as the Chairman of the Transportation Committee

  • Served on the Central Weber Sewer Board

  • Currently Serving on the Mosquito Abatement Board

  • Served as Vice Chair of the Ogden City Council

  • Served on the Weber/Morgan Health Board

  • Served on the Crossroads of the West Board

  • Served as Ogden Pioneer Day's Parade Director for 7 years

  • Had 40 years service with Corporate Businesses which include ZCMI, Meier & Frank, and Macy's

  • Married for 47 years with 4 daughters and 8 grandchildern and active in my religion