Ogden City Councilman
Ward 3
2018 - 2022
Endorsment and Donations to Re-Elect Doug Stephens to Ogden City Council.
Primary Election
August 15th, 2017

General Election
November 7th, 2017
Ogden City 24th of July Parade Chairman
2004 - 2011

Jack Shaum - Former Owner of Stop & Shop

It has been my privilege to work and know Doug for many years. I am proud to endorse Doug for re-election to the Ogden City Council. He has worked hard and has the concerns for those who live in Ogden. He knows the issues and what needs to be done to continue with the positive growth and economic development in Ogden. Doug has the knowledge, skills and experience to get things done. It is necessary to Re-Elect Doug to the Ogden City Council. He is a person of integrity who you can trust and have confidence that things will move forward. I highly recommend you vote for Doug Stephens for the Ogden City Council Municipal Ward #3.

Brandon Stephenson-Former Ogden City Councilman

I endorse Doug Stephens for the office of City Council Municipal Ward #3 in Ogden City. Doug is a strong advocate for strong neighborhoods and he will always do what is best for Ogden City no matter the controversy. Doug is honest and hard working and understands our city government and is clearly the candidate that can help continue Ogden's prosperity. I have seen Doug tenaciourly work out solutions to Ogden's problems by coming up with the solution and working and getting buy-in until the issue are improved to fixed. He will be tenacious as an advocate for Ogden City. Doug has a vision for Ogden. He understands the improtance of working with stakeholders to continue the critical momentum that has made Ogden a high Adventure capital. He will work to make more improtant projects come to pass because it will help Ogden City flourish and become an even greater place to live.

Shane Story-Ogden School Board President

Doug Stephens cares about the children in Ogden City. He understands the role and the importance of the City Council and the Ogden School District always working jointly for what is best for the students. He has worked to provide a safe environment by working to get sidewalks where needed, gained agreement on neew school building proposals, and is encouraging programs and plans that keep kids in schools and promotes the educational advancement of the young people in our community.

Dr. Roger E. Grua-Retired Denist, Ogden City

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to add my endorsement for Councilman Doug Stephens as a member of the Ogden City Council. I have known Doug for over 25 years in both a business and professional relationship. I know him to be man of the highest intergrity and honesty. He will always stand for what he feels is right regardless of the political outcome. He has a great love and concern for the city of Ogden and it has been a pleassure to him function with dignity as a member of the City Council for past several years. Doug has a very good sense of what is right and a very good business acumen. He will listen to all sides of an issue, then make the best decision he can. He will not be swayed by pressure from political groups or other special interests. I give Doug my highest recommendation to continue his fine service to the City of Ogden as a member of the Ogden City Council.

Supporters for Doug Stephens Re-Election Ogden City Council Municipal Ward #3

Dan Musgrave-Executive Director of Downtown Ogden Inc.

Janith Wright-Owner and Operator of Clifton's

Coach Chick Hislop-Track & Field Coach at Weber State Univeprsity

Dr. Cliff Goff-Dentist and Former Mayor of Ogden City

Dave Bott-Owner of Mark H. Bott Company

James Carrol

Shelly Deamous-Owner of "Ye Olde Cupcake Shoppe" in the Junction.

Brandon Stephenson-Former Ogden City Councilman

Johanna Fillage

Shane Story-President of the Ogden School Board

E. Rosalie Skip Reese

Rick Noorda-Former member of the Ogden School Board

Linda Noorda-Educator-Ogden School District

J Stephen Larsen

Jerry Harrop

R&O Construction Company

Brad Dee-Utah House of Representative and HR Dept. of Weber County

Ryan Wilcox-Utah House of Representative

Brent Jex-Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Mike Vause-Weber State University Professor and Environmentist

Gerald Larsen-Retired United State Government

Les Boothe-Instructor at the L.D.S Institute at Weber State University

Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors

John A. Gullo-founder of the Dream Foundation, Pickle Ball

Catherine Feeny-Dup organization, life-long citizen of Ogden, Homemaker

Dr. Roger E. Grua-Retired Dentist, Ogden

Mike Bachman-Owner and operator of Mike Bachman Plumbing

Sue Wilkerson-Realtor in Ogden

Jeremy Petersen-Utah House of Representative

Janith Wright-Business Owner and Operator-Clifton's in Ogden

Virginia Hernandez Reza

Dorothy Covieo

James Humphreys

Faye Layton-Small Business Owners in Ogden